Toxicity Report 1

Nok-Out-Out & Issues of Toxicity 2004 Report

1. Oral Toxicity Report

a. No animals died in a test whereby rats were administered a 5000 mg/kg oral dose of Nok-Out.

b. Body weight changes were normal c. Necropsy results were normal. Conclusion: Nok-Out is non-toxic if swallowed.

2. Acute Dermal Toxicity

a. Five animals survived the 5000 mg dermal application. There were no abnormal physical signs noted during the observation period.

b. Dermal responses were absent to slight at 24 hours and absent on days 7-14.

c. Body weight changes were normal

d. Necropsy results were normal in 9/10 animals

Conclusion: Nok-Out is not a dermal irritant.

3. Acute Eye Irritation:

a. There was no corneal opacity or iritis noted at any observation period. Conjunctival irritation, noted in 3/3 eyes, cleared by 72 hours.

b. There were no abnormal Physical signs noted during the observation period.

Conclusion: Nok-Out is not an eye irritant. 

4. Acute Inhalation Toxicity:

a. All animals survived the four hour exposure.

b. Instances of closed deyes, abnormal licking, sagging eye lids, and coating of the fur were noted on the day of dosing.

c. 6 of 10 animals appearted normal from day 1 through day 14 of the study.

d. One animal displayed abnormal breathing, hunched posture and unkempt appearance during day 8 through day 14.

e. Body Weights were normal

f. Necropsy observations were normal.

Conclusion: Nok-Out is not toxic when inhaled.

In all research and testing, humane animal care was practiced. RM Research Laboratories in Spinnerstown, PA conducted the research in February 2003. Reports have been submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency for Registration. For further information please contact Ted Price 866.551.1927, or

EPA Registration granted  in 2006.