Unwanted Odor in Fine Fabric & Clothing

Odor Contamination in Fabric and Fine Clothing

Nok-Out is a True Deodorant. It is non-toxic, does not create harmful byproducts, is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic (organisms cannot mutate or become immune to destruction), is non-allergenic, and is biodegradable. Nok-Out is a product that oxidatively eliminates organic and inorganic sources of odor pollution.


(Note:  Nok-Out works by oxidation, and to be totally effective, it must have direct contact with the source of the problem.  If possible, locate the site of the contamination before proceeding.  If the problem is widespread treat the entire garment.)

  1. Consider the type of fabric before proceeding with application.  Nok-Out is water based, and if the fabric is incompatible with water, or subject to ‘ringing’ such as silk or delicate fabrics, special care must to taken not to saturate the fabric, or  treat it too harshly.  In this instance, several quick treatments may be more effective than one intense handling.  If this is the treatment of choice, dry quickly and thoroughly between applications.  Washing is always preferable to dry-cleaning, and many natural fabrics (silk, wool, linen, hemp and bamboo) are easily hand-washed.  Always use cool water, and  test a seam or hem to assure yourself that the fabric accepts Nok-Out well.


  1. If you are removing general body odor, and the garment is washable, place in the sink, or other large container with 4-8 oz of Nok-Out, to a gallon of water.  Allow to soak for 10 - 30 minutes.  With your fingers, gently rub the sites of  known contamination/odors or stains.  Remove the garment from the bowl, squeeze gently (do not wring) and  lay flat on a clean towel. Begin rolling the towel and garment to form a cylinder. Using another dry towel, or a portion of this one that is still dry, continue this process until the garment is fairly dry.  Gently shake out the wrinkles, to separate the front and back sections.  At this point, if you are dealing with a fabric that is stretchy, lay flat on a drying rack.  Separate the front and back with another towel or tissue paper.  If this is a heavier fabric, use a slick hanger, and hang loosely to continue to dry. This step can be done either inside or outside.  (Wherever you find good air circulation.)  If outside, do keep away from direct sunlight.  Complete the process by ironing on a gentle setting, and use small pillows to puff sleeves, make a flat seam, etc.


  1. If  the apparel must be dry cleaned, request a process that does not use PERC or VOC’s.  When you bring dry cleaned clothing home, remove the plastic protective slip, and allow this clothing to ‘breathe’ before putting into your closet.  After being 'aired out', you may want to place these clothing items in a garment bag, but do not leave them in plastic bags.


  1. If all garments in your closet seem to be affected, or if clothing has long been in storage, to prevent mold or other odors from transferring to your present garments, fog the entire closet with Nok-Out, full strength.  You may or may not remove the clothing for this application, depending upon the intensity of the odors.  When you remove garments, spray the baseboards and corners of the closet.  If a vent is present in this room, spray into the vent as well.  Close the door, and allow Nok-Out to penetrate into the entire room for up to 10 minutes.  Dry area quickly with a fan or wipe walls and flooring of all remaining moisture.


  1. In 24 hours, if odors return, re-apply Nok-Out which has been reduced with water.  The rationale for the reapplication is that all odors may not have been reached by Nok-Out (no direct contact) during the first application and the odor molecules have leached to the surface. The second application will complete the odor removal process.


  1. Never spray fabrics directly with full strength Nok-Out. If you think you need to spray your clothing directly, then dilute by at least 3 parts water to 1 part Nok-Out. Test for colorfastness thoroughly in an inconspicuous area. Nok-Out is quite powerful and some fabrics dyes are unsuitable for full strength Nok-Out.