Vaporizer, How to use

How to use a vaporizer to apply Nok-Out or SNiPER

Recent heavy rains have prompted many phone calls asking about the use of a vaporizer or a room humidifier to treat mold, mildew and the fungus that causes musty smells. This is a great idea!

SNiPER is a proven, EPA registered fungicide to clean mold and the spores in the air, so treating the air may be a good idea for you.  

If you don't mind spending literally thousands of dollars, you could hire a professional company to come out and treat these issues in your home and they would use a machine called a 'Fogger'. This noisy machine produces industrial quantities of vapor, in which the droplet size is small enough to literally float around on air currents in the room. When the atmosphere  becomes saturated, these tiny droplets begin to condense onto every single square inch of every surface in the room, and they also come in contact with any spores that are likely to be present and floating in the air. But there are many of us who don't want to spend that kind of cash for this job, preferring a DIY approach that is quite efficient, and is not so costly.

Why use a Fogger?

Treating the air for microorganisms such as mold spores requires direct contact with the spores, which can be a bit of a challenge. You could just use a regular sprayer and spray the air, but most of the droplets, being relatively large, would simply fall to the floor, where they won't resolve the problem. The professional fogging machine will work – but they are pretty expensive. So what alternatives are there?

A common household vaporizer or room humidifier can accomplish the same task. (The manufacturer recommends the use of a 'cool mist', or 'ultrasonic' machine because they do not generate heat which might degrade Nok-Out or SNiPER). These relatively cheap devices produce vapor sized droplets that can also float around on air currents, thus coming into direct contact with spores and other smelly stuff in the air. They are, however, very slow compared to a professional's Fogger. But not to worry, they can still work for you by 'fogging' an empty room while you sleep in another room.. It doesn't get much easier than that!

When should I use a fogger / vaporizer?

Where possible, spray SNiPER directly on the source of the problem, whether that problem is mold, mildew, or something stinky that your pet left for you to clean up. Sometimes, however, we are not sure where is the odor source. Or, perhaps it is a basement that is generally damp, and there is not really one spot where problems grow, but instead, the problem is everywhere. This is a perfect example of a good place to use the vaporizer, because it will leave a nice even coat of  SNiPER on literally every square inch of every surface in the room. That is a whole lot easier (and much more efficient) than trying to spray every surface. A gentle fogging overnight for a basement, applied every two weeks or so, will provide a 'maintenance dose' that will keep the air in your basement smelling sweet.

To dilute, or not to dilute

If the issue is severe, then use Sniper full strength in the vaporizer / humidifier. If it is a maintenance dose, then you can dilute by around 1/3 water.

If you still have questions, email them to or call toll free 866 551 1927.