Will Nok-Out Eliminate Gas/Petroleum Odor?

Nok-Out and Gasoline /Petroleum Odor

This interesting question can be answered with a discussion of the properties of both Nok-Out & Petroleum Products.

  • Nok-Out is water based and requires direct contact with the odor source to be able to do what it does.  We understand that water and oil don’t mix and don't like to come into direct contact with each other.

  • Nok-Out contains a powerful surfactant that is the solution to this issue.

  • The Nok-Out  formula is designed to work through selective oxidation, which breaks down harmful odors, restoring the contaminated site on contact.


Consider these facts:

  1. There is no negative impact on our environment when using Nok-Out. It is a biodegradable, 'green' product.

  2. Nok-Out leaves no unsightly residue behind.

  3. Nok-Out has very low toxicity, is non-cationic, hypoallergenic, harmless to humans and pets.

  4. The Nok-Out formulation is designed to assure that toxins will not become immune to the continued use of this product.

  5. Nok-Out is able to oxidize Volatile Organic Compounds, and eliminates the most powerful foul odor.

  6. Nok-Out brings YOU up to speed in the 21st Century with the most powerful odor removal, superior protection, and environmentally safe product on the market today.


We have heard mixed results when applying Nok-Out to remove odors from petroleum products.  Mostly the issue seems to center around the fact that oil and water don't mix.  The surfactant helps reduce this issue and if you continue with Nok-Out you can enjoy success in removing this odor.  Most customers who used Nok-Out as described in this protocol find success in eliminating this odor.  When you use Nok-Out, you have joined the future.  Welcome!


When the gas spill is an old spill, it may have become affixed to the fibers you are trying to decontaminate.   This will make it more difficult to be successful on the first application.  Multiple applications will be necessary.  Remember that every time you use Nok-Out, you are working through odors that have not been reached by the usual methods.  Any previous products you may have used can also be a barrier to total odor elimination in one application.


Here are simple procedures for removing any odor, including gasoline/petroleum products.

  • Remove any debris that may be present, and vacuum the site.

  • Apply a light spraying of Nok-Out on the surface of the contamination.

  • Allow to soak for 1-2 minutes.

  • Blot any moisture remaining with a clean cloth.

  • Spray a heavy spray outwards of the original site, moving back & forth to the center of the contamination.

  • Using a sponge or other semi-abrasive cloth, rub Nok-Out into the area.  This encourages deeper penetration.

  • Allow to stay wet for up to 6 minutes.  Air dry, or place a fan to dry quickly.

  • These procedures (except for the first four steps) may be repeated as often as necessary to completely destroy odors in the affected area.


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