How to Use Nok-Out or SNiPER to Eliminate Odor

Odor Eliminator

Over the years, we have learned a lot about how to apply non-toxic Nok-Out in such a way that eliminating odors is easy, quick and most importantly, successful.  These 'How-to' pages will provide guidance so that you too, will be successful at getting rid of the odors you find unpleasant.  

The one most important thing to know about removing odor using our products is - direct contact with the odor source is essential.  So if you walk into a room where the dog peed and it stinks, it won't do much good to spray the air.  Clean the puddle and spray right where the stinky stuff was, and the odor will be gone quickly and permanently.  It's that easy.  Spray, and walk away.  

We hope that the pages below will provide all the help you need, but if you have some smelly situation not covered by any of these articles, then give Ted a call at 866 551 1927.

 1 Auto,Truck, SUVAuto, Truck, SUV odors
Boats Remove Odor from your Boat
Books Remove Musty Odor from Old Books
Carpet Odors Remove Odors from Carpet
Closet Remove Odor from a Closet
Coffee Machine Coffeemaker Cleaning
Concrete,Tile, Brick Concrete, Tile and Brick Odors
Dilution for Nok-Out Dilution Ratios for Nok-Out
Dishwasher Remove Odor from Dishwasher
10 Fabrics, Fine Fine Fabrics and Clothing
11 Fireplace Get Rid of Fireplace Odor
12 Floor, wood Hardwood Floor Odors
13 Furniture, Upholstered Upholstered Furniture Odor Removal
14 Furniture, Rescued Rescuing Old Furniture
15 Furniture, woodComing Soon
16 Gasoline Gasoline & Petroleum Odor
17 Hockey Hockey Equipment Odor Removal
18 House Cleaning Basics Use Nok-Out to clean your Home
19 Laundry Odor Free Laundry
20Laundry - synthetic fabrics & gym clothes Smelly gym clothes
21 Luggage Luggage with musty smell
22Mattress Remove Mattress Odor
23Milk, spilled Spilled Milk Odor Removal
24Mothball Mothball Odors
25Musical Instrument/Case Remove Odors from instruments or cases
26RV Recreational Vehicle Cleanup
27Rug, area Area Rug cleaning with Nok-Out
28Shoe Shoe Odor
29Smoke, Cigar Remove Cigar Smoke Odor
 30Smoke, tobacco Smoke &Tobacco Odors
31 Sofa, Leather Leather Sofa Odors
32  Urine Urine Odors
33  Vomit Remove Vomit Odors
34  Washing Machine, Front Loader Front Loading Washer Smells