How to use SNiPER Disinfectant

SNiPER Disinfectant is an ultra-low toxicity (to pets and people) cleaner and deodorizer that is easy to use. It is lethal to micro-organisms but so mild to pets and people you can wash your hands in it!  This powerful disinfectant is friendly to pets, people and the environment.

These articles will guide you to success with this product.

KeywordHow-to Article
1About SNiPER Disinfectant & Odor Eliminator
General Facts about SNiPER Hospital Disinfectant
2Armor, Body
Smelly Body Armor
3Bathroom, odor & disinfectionDisinfect and deodorize your bathroom with SNiPER
4Bathroom, Mold in showerKeep mold out of your shower stall
5Child's Car SeatChild's Car Seat Cleaning
6C-PAP Disinfection
Clean and Disinfect your C-PAP device safely with SNiPER
7Home Healthcare
Home Healthcare using SNiPER Hospital Disinfectant & Odor Eliminator
8Health & Safety, with SNiPER
Solving Everyday Issues of Health & Safety, with SNiPER
9HVAC Disinfection & Cleaning with SNiPER
SNiPER Cleans & Disinfects HVAC Systems
10Kitchen Disinfection, Sanitizing and Cleaning
Keep your Kitchen clean and healthy with SNiPER Disinfectant
11Kitchen - Microwave cleaning
Clean and Disinfect your Microwave Oven
12Kitchen - Refrigerator cleaning
Clean and Disinfect your Refrigerator with SNiPER
13Mold & Mildew Problems
Mold & Mildew Problems - general
14Mold & Musty Basement
Basement Mold and Mildew
15Mold, Black
Get Rid of Black Mold in and out of your home
16Musty Odors
Get Rid of Musty smells
17Sick Building Syndrome
Sick Building Syndrome
18Sports Facilities - Odor removal
Remove Odors from Sports Facilities safely
19Sports Equipment - Odor Removal
Clean and Deodorize Sports Equipment safely
20Vaporizer - How to use as a fogger
Use a household Vaporizer to 'fog' a room with SNiPER

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