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I first got it to remove the cigarette penetrated walls of my rental property. To my shock, it worked! Not a trace of the odor left behind. Not a week later my dog got sprayed by a skunk. I immediately reached for this, and again to my surprise, it worked! Not a trace. I am thoroughly surprised it took care of the worst smells I've encountered. Keeping this around. And Ted is so knowledgeable and eager to help me understand the workings and proper application for best results. The efficacy of this product is unmatched. Real life saver!
Amber Apr 27, 2018
Here is my experience with your product, Nok-Out:

I rent an attic apartment in a house above an enclosed breezeway where my landlady keeps her elderly dogs while she is at work. Unfortunately, the dogs pee on the bare cement. And it is hard for her to keep up on cleaning it. Thankfully, my apartment does not smell but when I open my door to go down the stairs, the smell hits me in the face.

I got this idea from Mary from Everyday Cheapskate but she probably got it from you! I took a vaporizer and did the 1 cup of Nok- Out in 1 gallon of water and ran it on high til the water was gone, about 4 hours. The day after I did it, NO SMELL! I may have to do this every so often but THANK YOU for an Awesome product! Btw, I have 2 cats and have their litter box in my bathroom. I keep up on the sifting but after stirring things up, one spritz gets rid of the smell! I have already told my friends and family about Nok-Out!


A Satisfied Customer
Sheryl Groves
Sheryl Groves Apr 13, 2018
I think these products are simply MAGICAL! I did a couple test runs. First I sprayed my son's stinky shoe. The before and after smell was AMAZING! Both products leave no perfumey scents behind. No odor period! Smelled like a new shoe. So then I put it to the real test...CAT URINE. I didn't have enough NOK-OUT to thoroughly soak the entire peed on area inside the couch cushion, nevertheless the odor is almost completely gone. I am sure I will get rid of all the smell with this next bottle. Such an improvement. You have to put your nose right next to the cushion to smell the urine odor now. Before you could smell it across the room! Just do yourself a favor and order the LARGEST BOTTLE available. I got a small bottle and now I am back already to order large ones of both Sniper and Nok-out.
Amy Lopez Apr 8, 2018
I have been extremely satisfied with this product. It has exceeded my expectations. I have large dogs and the nok out really works to keep the dog smell out of the house. I especially like this because it stops the smell of dog poop and pee when it happens indoors.
John W Davidson Mar 19, 2018
Hey Ted, hope you are well! Nokout is such a lifesaver, wanted to share how we depend on it:
Dogs barf on our tile floor? No problem, clean up and sanitize!
Does dog have a run-in with a skunk? Less of a problem, since we sanitize and rub down with Nokout first, before bathing, wash collar in Nokout too.
Dog rolls in cow pattie? Nokout spray all over, rub down, soak collar in Nokout and wash, rinse, repeat as needed. Usually two rub downs will do!
Sanitize EVERYthing, since we live with two large dogs. THANK YOU FOREVER!

HUGS, Ellen Newton Stetson and Dale Stetson
Living in the Country with Nokout!
Ellen Stetson Mar 19, 2018

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