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This is such a super product it is well worth the price. I was in the process of throwing out an Italian leather couch that you can imagine we paid a premium price for. I treated the couch according to your website directions but could still smell my cats attempt at decorating. Being ready to throw it out, I just took the gallon jug I had purchased previously and poured it over the cushions and base. It was either save or throw out. After letting it dry for several days it was time to test it out. We feel like we have a new couch. Not a smell one and no damage to the leather.
Becky Dec 3, 2018
I bought a house and there was this awful smell in one of the closets that I could not locate nor eliminate. Something like old musty cigarettes. It was awful. Tried baking soda, activated charcoal, and bought an air purifier. All to no avail. A friend heard about Nok-Out and I figured I had nothing to lose, although I didn't hold out much hope. Initially the smell intensified and was mixed with a chlorine smell and I thought I was doomed. It took forever to find a house am I going to have to move? But, once the product dried the smell was gone. Like eliminated gone. Completely and totally gone. Still can't believe it, so much so, that I often walk past the closet and open the door and take a big wiff and smile to myself. It's been a few weeks and there is no more smell. I don't usually leave testimonials but this truly deserves it. Still doing my happy dance!
Michelle C Nov 9, 2018
I would like to share this....I bought a t-shirt from Target. It smelled awful. I thought if I washed it the smell would leave. Nope, after five washings it still smelled awful. So, last resort, I laid it in my tub and sprayed it down with nokout. I let it sit all day while I was at work. And what do you know....the smell was gone. I washed it again and wore it the next day. I was astounded. Your product is amazing. Oh and the material of the t-shirt is 95% viscose and 5% elastane. No idea which was the stink %.


Penny Nibbelin
Penny Nibbelin Nov 6, 2018
We've used this [SNiPER disinfectant] for several years. It works great. It has eliminated our mold problems and, still, we use it to keep our wooden cutting boards safe.
Robert Moretti, Jr. Nov 1, 2018
I learned about Nok-Out from Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate column and had to try it. Shipping was so fast and your customer service is OUTSTANDING! I am amazed with the results! I even filled a tiny spray bottle to keep in my car. I won't be wasting my money on any other cleaners anymore. You have a lifetime customer here. Thank you so much!
Natalia Johnson Aug 28, 2018

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