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I have a rental where the renters said the dog was house trained. I didn't realize they meant trained to go in the house. The house reeked, the carpet and pad were only 1 year old. I used Nok Out full strength in my commercial steamer and after the carpets were cleaned I used the steamer to push the Nok Out into my pad through the carpet. It worked like a charm. The house smells like house, not urinal. The house was put on the market and sold within a few weeks. I am so pleased with this product.
Tammy Jul 3, 2013
Hi Lou, just wanted to share a "weird" use that I found for Nok-Out:

We recently bought a secondhand portable dishwasher that hooks up to the kitchen faucet. When the dishwasher is finished with its job, we hit the "drain" button to get the last drips and drops of water out of the machine before unhooking it and rolling it away. Well, I noticed that the drainwater started smelling funky after a couple of months of daily use. So I tried throwing about a cup of Nok-Out into the bottom of the dishwasher and running it through the drain lines. It worked! No more smell.

I have 5 cats and foster many more for my local animal rescue, and Nok-Out is the ONLY product I've found to be completely effective at eliminating cat urine odor. I've used it exclusively for many years.

Thanks for a great product!

-Dawn P. (Michigan)
Dawn P. Jun 25, 2013
We just moved into a house with light carpet. One of my two cats threw up immediately after eating a cat food which included sardines and/or mackeral. It smells like something died in the carpet (think multiple places - four as I counted). I was appalled by the stink.

My husband and I cleaned using a large carpet cleaning machine and NokOut Carpet solution, let it sit, and then removed, removed, removed. This morning - my bloodhound nose could not detect an odor. Thanks to NokOut and a heavy duty machine! That obnoxious odor is actually gone! (Even the cats were amazed! I looooove NokOut!
Jackie Bush Feb 14, 2013
My dog had "adopted" our entry throw rug as her place to "go" if I got home late from work. No matter how I cleaned it, she aimed at the same spot. I purchased Nok Out and cleaned the rug, then sprayed it on both sides. My dog has stopped using it, and just dances a little faster if I'm late! Woot! I shared it with family, and now they're avid believers as well! THANK YOU, NOK OUT!
Leah Jan 1, 2013
I just wanted to give a ‘testimonial’ to your great product! My knucklehead son who attends college a few hours away from home, let several of his friends smoke in his car. That by itself is bad enough. But he is also a cross country runner and has a bad habit of leaving his running clothes and shoes in his car. And his fellow runners clothes and shoes get left behind in his car. He was having mechanical difficulty with his car so he left it at home to be worked on. You can imagine the horrible smell left behind that was a mixture of bad body odor and stinky, stale cigarettes. Leaving the windows down did nothing to alleviate the smell. I had purchased Nok-Out a few years back to remove pet odors. I grabbed my bottle of Nok-Out and sprayed the car down with a vengeance! It worked! All smell are gone and it is once again pleasant to drive the car.

Thank you, Nok-Out for the great product you produce!!

Cindy C
Cindy C Nov 19, 2012

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