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The first time I used Nok Out it was because I had been unable to get the cat urine smell out of a basement apartment. The professionals had been here twice with no luck. I remembered reading about some product in Mary Hunt's column and I went to her web site and found the name and ordered it right away.

At first I thought it was not going to work because there were still a few areas we could not seem to eliminate it from. But, if all else fails, read the directions! Nok Out suggested loosening baseboards to spray behind them. Too, much work for me, but I did spray directly on the baseboards, took 2 applications and odor permanently gone.

The 2nd time was my other basment apt and it was dog urine. So strong, I could hardly stand to be in the room and I had very little hope of nok out working, but IT DID!

I am a believer! As long as I have rentals, I will have Nok Out!

Thank you Lou and Ted from the bottom of my heart!
Susan Coulter Apr 25, 2014
This is the first product I've ever wanted to write a testimonial for. A lady who allowed her dog to urinate and defecate during the summer while she was moving, left us with the most horrendous smell. The smell was through the entire house. The carpet throughout the house was ruined. Under the carpet was old small tiles. We used bleach, different cleaners NOTHING touched the smell until we used Nok-Out. After one use we could smell a difference. We were told the smell could come back up through the tiles so we did a second application just to be safe. I cannot say enough good things about Nok-Out. If you have severe dog smells like we did use Nok-Out; you won't be disappointed.
Deborah Apr 9, 2014
I have an antique blanket chest that smelled strongly of moth balls. I tried airing it out, but to no avail. But I now have used NokOut in the antique blanket chest with the very strong mothball odor (mentioned above). NokOut truly is an amazing product! I did need to spray it three times to get rid of the odor, and I would say it is 98% free of the mothball smell! Each time I let it dry for a day or two, then sprayed again.

Thanks again, Nok-Out!
Gail K. Feb 12, 2014
My husbands gloves were splashed with gasoline filling up a gas can. I soaked them over night in NOK-OUT and smell gone. With our horrid winter, gloves are almost extinct in the stores. Thanks!
nancy Feb 5, 2014
I wish I had known the downside of a front load washer was soooo down. But I think I have found a way to beat that nasty smell. When I am done washing for the day I stick a microfiber cloth in the rubber gasket and soak up any water that was left then pull the cloth out. Next I spray NOKOUT in that area and all around the drum and put another cloth in the gasket area. And finally as suggested I leave the door open for it all to air out. So far it has worked well.
Gay Travis Certain Jan 5, 2014

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