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I jus LOVE this product! I've been using Nok-Out for about 2 years. Last Saturday, it was put to the TEST and passed with flying colors. My dogs scared up a skunk that was in myback yard; PU. It was 4 am; and once the dogs had settled down they came in the house and became a living air-wick essence of skunk! My WHOLE HOUSE was stinky. I ran for my Nok-OUt. Boy, that stuff really works and I am thankful I had some on hand. I recommend this product all the time to my frriends. Tried and true!!! Thanks
Darlene E. Sep 6, 2012
I just received my bottle of Nok Out,I have to tell you this stuff really works. My dog had an accident on my carpeting, I cleaned it with everything, even had the carpets cleaned and you could still smell the urine. I worked the Nok Out into the spot, and the smell has totally disappeared. Thank you for this great product............
Michele May 21, 2012
Nok-Out is amazing! I had a cat who sprayed and soiled my carpet in numerous places. Over the years I have tried every product that said it would take out pet stains. Nothing worked. I was in the process of getting ready to rip a whole house full of carpet and having wood floors put down. Then, I tried Nok-Out. Stains that are years old are gone and the smell of my house is smelling so fresh. I'm also a former smoker. Family and friends have noticed how much better my house smells and looks. I am back to order more and never want to be without this product.
We have been using NokOut for years. The first time we tried it was when we moved into rental unit. We used to to spray moldy areas. It worked really well, then we moved down the street to a different duplex and one of the bedrooms smelled like an old bar. (you know how that smells) We sprayed everything! The carpet had been taken up so we sprayed the wood floor well too. It totally took all the smell away! We sprayed the whole house with it before we moved in. It worked wonderfully. We sprayed everything in the new home we just bought as well, and any left over odors are gone.
We have also used it when the mice happily built a nest in my husbands car and then died. It took care of that smell too. And i have used it on antique furniture I buy and re sell as well. It takes that old musty smell away. Its great. We tell everyone about it!
simone Mar 1, 2012
I got my Christmas tree out this year from the basement, and it smelled musty and nasty. I ordered some nok-out this year, for the first time, and decided to try it out on my tree. This was the first time that I used it. I’m happy to say that my Christmas tree doesn’t smell bad anymore!
Sue Dec 8, 2011

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