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I have found a new use for Nok-Out. I use olive oil to soften my feet/heels and elbows, but could not stand the smell. The smell seemed to linger on my sheets too. I tried adding a candle fragrance oil which only masked the smell, so I got the idea to add Nok-Out. Worked beautifully, no more olive oil smell! I love your product.
— Candy
Candy Sep 20, 2011
I once told you that Nok-Out saved my marriage due to its odor crushing power (It was a package deal: two cats, a dog, and a wife!). This stuff rocks!!! Keep up the good work.
— Frank
Frank Sep 20, 2011
I received your product today and followed your instructions to theletter for smoke odor removal in my car. Although I can't say for sure what the long term results will be just yet, it would be an understatement to say that it vastly exceeded my expectations. Not to jinx it, but the first treatment worked like a miracle! I'm so glad I found your prouduct! Thank you.
— Todd
Todd Sep 20, 2011
I tried every gadget that claimed to remove refrigerator and freezer smells, including baking soda--none worked--ice cubes still had a freezer taste and smell to them. I recently tried a dish of Nok-out in the refrigerator and wow-no smells at all!!!!! In the freezer, I put a dish of Nok-Out and added a couple of ounces of vodka to it---The solution became slushy and did not freeze solid, and now my ice cubes have no smell or taste to them ,I am thrilled!!!! I will always have Nok-Out around .
— Elizabeth Brzeczek, Chicago
Elizabeth Brzeczek, Chicago Sep 20, 2011
I have used Nokout three times to treat a boil on my skin. I just dab it on the skin. In a couple of days the pain and the boil go away. Thank you Nok-Out.
— Paula
Paula Sep 20, 2011

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