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I will say it again...Nok-Out Rocks! This is the only thing that will remove bacteria and the smell, no matter the source! Stinky shoes, animal mistakes, garbage cans, you name it! Nok-Out can do it!
— C. Diane
C. Diane Sep 20, 2011
I read on your site about someone putting Nok-Out in a humidifier for a bedroom. Well, a home owners greatest nightmare hit us, the sewer line completely backed up and it was about a 1/2 in. thick. I thought the smell was there for life. Then I remembered the story and we already owned Nok-Out for our cats. We bought a cheap little humidifier, set it in the center of the room, closed the door and left. Two days later we cautiously opened the door. WOW!! Totally scent free! I dragged a neighbor down to smell it to see if I was imagining it. This stuff is a miracle, I don't just tell people about it, I buy them bottles of it! Happy Birthday!
— P. Stewart, Michigan
P. Stewart Sep 20, 2011
I had e-mailed you a number of times a few months ago, regarding a kitty that I have that was spraying around the house. I just wanted to take a moment to give you a follow-up. She is doing GREAT!! I really thought we'd have to put her down, if we couldn't get her behavior turned around. but through a daily regime of medication and other behavior modification, we seem to have this under control. My husband and I started by spending about 5 hours one Sunday cleaning every running foot of wall (from the floor up, about 2 feet) with Nok-Out! Your product is truly a miracle. And of course, daily cleaning of the litter boxes and then spraying again with Nok-Out! It's worked. And I wanted you to know in case you hear of other despondent pet owners. I fell like this is truly a success story, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your support and suggestions. Thanks!!!"
Judith Carter Sep 20, 2011
Nok-Out Testimonials
I am a deer hunter and hunt with a crossbow, meaning I must get very close to a deer to insure a good, clean shot. Deer have a keen sense of smell, as any hunter will tell you. I've tried many products to confuse them. I sprayed my hunting clothes with Nok-Out on advice from a friend. I have never seen anything like it! I was sitting in my tree stand and had a deer approach me from downwind, and it didn't have a clue that I was even there, it actually came to within 5' of my tree stand and just stood there looking around. On two previous occasions under similar conditions and using different products, the deer had picked up my scent and moved off before I could even see them clearly. Your product is amazing.
Larry Sep 20, 2011
I'm a great fan of your products, expecially of the Nok-Out Deodorizer.
I am a smoker, and have wood paneling in my home. I use the spray on the paneling and it does help with the smoke odor. I also use it in my car for a great fresh smell.
I have tried the carpet cleaner and that too is a great product.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks. Jan
Janet R Sep 17, 2011

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