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Today's email featured Zero Odor, a wonderful product that I have used in the past. However, I wanted to tell you about another, even BETTER product that I now swear by, and tell everyone I know about.
It's called Nok-Out. It not only eliminates odors instantly, It kills MRSA E. coli, Stachybotrys, Samonella, Swine Flu, Streptoccus and More!!!
I do cat rescue and volunteer with several organizations, and I wouldn't be without Nok-Out!...It's incredible for disinfecting and deodorizing animal carriers, litter boxes, pee and litter messes, all kinds of pet messes. It doesn't leave any trace of odor or scent! It looks and smells like water!!!Absolutely fantastic!
It's safe for people and pets, and is registered by the EPA (#71700-2).
It works in your home, cars, garbage cans, destroys mold and mildew, stinky gym bag odors, eliminates urine orodors and gems, and can even be used directly on your Pet!!
I recently relied on Nok-Out to disinfect many cat carriers as I had one of my kitties diagnosed with Panleukopenia (PKU)...a highly contagious disease. I disinfected cat brushes, combs, bedding, chairs, blankets, ec with Nok-Out and have NOT had a single other case of the disease!! Very rare, according to my veterinarian. I credit it to Nok-Out (and prayers!!).
I don't sell Nok-Out. I don't get anything for touting how wonderful this product is. I JUST BELIEVE IT'S THAT GOOD, and want other people to know about it!
Kathy Bean Sep 27, 2011
Thank you for creating such a great product. I would and will recommend this to everyone I know. My son left raw meat in my car for 4 days and I thought that my new car was ruined, but after talking with you and using the product, I can now get in my car and the only thing that I smell is a clean, disinfected smell! Thank you for saving my new car! Before I tried Nok-Out, I tried everything I could think of to clean the smell out, but nothing worked. The Nok-Out worked just the way you said it would and it only took about 2 hours start to finish. I don't ever write letters t manufacturers but I felt that everyone should know how well this product works, and how safe and easy it is to use , and that your company not only calls and tells you how to use this product, but sends you step by step directions. I will buy Nok-Out again!
Christine McG Sep 20, 2011
I had to tell you just how amazing your product is, and three different stories of extreme circumstances that prove it. I had a diabetic cat who just could not make it to the litter box. We tried everything on the market...yet the smell always came back. I bought some Nok-Out at a cat show, used it, and we were thrilled!!! It was incredible. And, if that wasn't enough, a boarder in our house had an ancient cat that peed EVERYWHERE. We made her lock the cat in her room to save the rest of the floors in our 130 year old house. When she left, we ripped out the carpets down to the original wood. Twice a day we saturated the floor with a plant mister filled with Nok-Out (for about 7 days). It may have taken some time, but here we are today, almost one year later and NO SMELL! Lastly, My husband is a heavy fighter for the SCA (a medieval reenactment group). That means he wears regular street clothes, then puts on a heavily padded and quilted jacket that reaches his knees, then puts 40 lbs of steel armor over all of that to go out and fight with swords for hours in the August heat and humidity. The amount of sweat is amazing...and the smell...that's amazing too! I won't let him in the house. We sprayed his jacket with that plant mister full of Nok-Out- and, now it can hang in the closet next to my favorite jacket. I can't tell you how much I love this product.! I tell every single person I know all about how great you are! Thanks for Nok-Out.
L Price Sep 20, 2011
"I have always been suspicious of products sounding too good to be true, but I decided to give Nok-Out a try. I am so pleased with the results that I passed along some to my daughter. In this day and age, that is unique and refreshing. A product that does what it claims!"
— Lois Campeau, Michigan
Lois Campeau Sep 20, 2011
"Nok-Out is just the best deodorizer I have ever used. I've been sitting in the chair that my pet soiled, and I can't smell a thing! I used your product on a number of other pieces of furniture as well, and I'm so impressed with Nok-Out that I would like to purchase more. I will certainly pass along the name of your product to others with similar problems."
— Kathy Dodds, Saskatchewan, CA
Kathy Dodds Sep 20, 2011

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