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I have been extremely satisfied with this product. It has exceeded my expectations. I have large dogs and the nok out really works to keep the dog smell out of the house. I especially like this because it stops the smell of dog poop and pee when it happens indoors.
John W Davidson Mar 19, 2018
Hey Ted, hope you are well! Nokout is such a lifesaver, wanted to share how we depend on it:
Dogs barf on our tile floor? No problem, clean up and sanitize!
Does dog have a run-in with a skunk? Less of a problem, since we sanitize and rub down with Nokout first, before bathing, wash collar in Nokout too.
Dog rolls in cow pattie? Nokout spray all over, rub down, soak collar in Nokout and wash, rinse, repeat as needed. Usually two rub downs will do!
Sanitize EVERYthing, since we live with two large dogs. THANK YOU FOREVER!

HUGS, Ellen Newton Stetson and Dale Stetson
Living in the Country with Nokout!
Ellen Stetson Mar 19, 2018
I order the 16 oz to try and I LOVE it! I bought it to help with smoke odor and it works great. Tired it on a suede jacket that had a musty mildew smell it worked! I have tried everything to get rid of the smell nothing worked but it smells like leather now no musty smell at all . You have to be careful with the suede not to leave spray marks. I am back to order the gallon! This stuff is MAGIC!!
Lisa B Mar 10, 2018
Fantastic product. I’ve used this with dogs, cats and horses, as well as in my laundry and in cleaning. It’s gentle, doesn’t leave a chemical smell, and is absolutely pet friendly. THANKS!
Deborah Hughes Feb 8, 2018
We do an agricultural education program on our farm. We bring second graders from local schools out to the farm. This last year in September/October we had something die under our "classroom". When we smelled the critter we had a class coming out the next day. I sprayed under the building as best I could soaking and spraying everything I could get at. The next day when the class arrived in the morning there was no odor. As the day progressed and got warm, we had temps in the seventies, no one noticed any odor. I checked the area several times and could not smell anything. We have used the product for several years. I have also used it to remove chemical odors from wood structures. The product works great Thank you.

Vince R
Vince R Jan 31, 2018

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