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Unfortunately have had several fireplace accidents.. this is the only product that gets rid of the smoke smell from everything. clothing, furniture, and now
Xmas presents. Thank you Ted!!!
barbara pratt Dec 14, 2017
We adopted a beautiful baby kitten, Jeffrey Charles, and chose not to neuter him (indoor cat). Well, he had created his harem in my sister and I and let everyone else know by marking throughout the living and dining rooms. I purchased Nok-Out and sprinkled the cat-sprayed areas of carpet through a watering can. The smell is gone!!! I had tried many other products. Nothing worked except Nok-Out. Jeffrey gets to keep his bits and pieces and we get to keep our sanity.
Maura Sep 23, 2017
I have been using Sniper in the Offshore oil industry as both a disinfectant and a deodorizer for years. It has eliminated old water smells of toilets and bathrooms not used in a year where the water sat and molded mildewed and stank. As well as being injected into our old quarters ac vents to prevent mold buildup. Always worked better than anything comparable and well worth the price.
Tim Gaynor Jun 5, 2017
My son adopted a dog who "marks" his territory and since i dog sit him, we've had our share of his markings. But thanks to nok-out as soon as I discover his markings, i spray the spot and let it sit for a few minutes, then i wipe out. There is never a lingering smell of urine after the treatments. Nok-out is AWESOME!! I also spray my two dogs with it directly and also spray their beds...Thank you nok-out for creating this great product
beth May 16, 2017
I suspected I had mold in a space under my sunroom that had no access without ripping out hardwood flooring. I put Sniper in a bottle and put a nailhole in the lid. Then I squeezed Sniper between every plank of the hardwood floor. Problem solved. A few weeks later, I did go over the surface of the floor to clean up the Sniper film.
Brenda Apr 25, 2017

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