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I just found a new use for Sniper. I bought a beautiful silk scarf at an estate sale. I noticed it had a slight off odor (perfume? smoke?) I sprayed a washcloth with Sniper so it was just slightly damp. Then I gently folded the scarf around the washcloth and patted it. The scarf now smells fresh and I did not have to take the chance of trying to wash a dry clean silk scarf.
Brenda Latka Apr 24, 2017
The first time I used Nok-Out was when I had a cat with kidney problems. She was old, frail and one time chose the brand new easy chair cushion when she couldn't make it to the little box. Even though I carried her to the other room, it wasn't before she had saturated an area the size of a dinner plate. We used every remedy available to no avail. Then I finally heeded Mary Hunt's advice and ordered Nok-Out. As soon as the order arrived, I read through the instructions, took the cushion outside, poured Nok-Out in an area even larger than her stain and waited. The cushion was outside on a warm summer day for hours before it was dry. I'll admit, I did NOT believe it would work and genuinely feared that heat just aggravated the smell. Then I picked up the cushion - was I in for a pleasant surprise. Not only was there NO smell of cat urine, it was basically SMELL FREE!!! I'd recommended Nok-Out to friends, strangers, everyone! Thanks for a product that works!
Joni Kelly Jan 21, 2017
Our rescue dog has not yet learned how to signal us that she needs to go out to go potty, and thus, out front room carpet has taken a beating with urine. Sometimes I don't know it's there until hours after it has happened. I tried numerous products, several of which claimed to have enzymes to combat urine, but I could never get rid of the urine smell, even after repeated cleanings. My mother heard about your product through a site called Everyday Cheapskate and said people just rave about it, so I gave it a try. I soaked the smelly areas of my carpet thoroughly, let it sit for several minutes, blotted up the excess, and let it air dry. My room no longer smells of urine! Thank you!
Jennifer Nelson Nov 4, 2016
Received my nokout & it worked great! had mice in the car & could not get the nasty odor out. This really worked! It is nice to get in the car & not smell mice!
Stephanie Roy Sep 27, 2016
My item came today, I was so excited to use it. I had a spot on my reliner that my male cat had sprayed. I used your product, I waited about 10 min, went back, odor was gone. Im in love with this stuff. I will be ordering again!! With five cats in my house, I need it & it works so well!!
Stephanie Kr**h Sep 27, 2016

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