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I read an article about Nok-Out in my local paper. I have a cat that has litter box issues and decided to use my sofa instead of her litter box. The odor of cat urine is almost impossible to eliminate and I tried various products to no avail. Once I read about Nok-Out I gave it a try and, to my amazement, the cat urine odor is completely gone. Since then, I always have a gallon of Nok-Out in my house. It's the only product that works!
M. Richard Aug 26, 2016
After learning about the wonders of nok-out through Cheapskate newspaper column gave it a try on an old musty farmhouse, it worked like magic, musty odor quickly eliminated. And spraying musty flip flops and shoes gave me amazing clean smelling results. I'm sold on this great product. Even spraying the air in old house with musty odor just changes air to fresh quickly. Never before have I used such a fine product that works like it states.
Mary Syverson Jul 30, 2016
My dogs managed to get skunked again last night and as I previously found out, your product is a miracle worker regarding neutralizing the smell. How much should I add to a washer to get rid of the smell in the dog bed covers?

We have a 105# Rotti and a 'small' dog that is 75#s and they have now been full frontal sprayed twice. The first time they received about 6 peroxide / soap baths and still stunk. the house was a disaster as they shook the skunk oil all over the place before we grabbed them. I thought of the nok out for the house and also applied it to the dogs. It worked like a champ. Even when it needs repeat applications, it still 'noks out' the smell to a huge degree each time.

The last time this happened I didn't think of nok out until about day 4, so the dogs and house still reeked even with ~6 baths each with the peroxide mixture. Once we started with Nok out, it made it much better quickly.

This time we started with your product and I spritzed my floors, walls, dogs and did the laundry as you recommended and my house smells great today all within 24 hours! TOTAL WIN!

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. It works so much better than any other product I have found.
Michele Morrison, Realtor - Sereno Group Jul 26, 2016
This product is unbelievable! We are babysitting our daughter's Golden in our motorhome and was surprised how much she smelled like a dog in a small space, but Nok-Out took care of all odor, amazing.
Only complaint is this is my second order and still did not get my DPL discount!
Jacquelyn Orr Gamauf Jul 20, 2016
Cats get old. Things happen. Nokout was recommended to me by a friend in another state. Will never go to the pet store again to try any other product. Nokout is IT! I told my Veterinarian about it. Love how fast it arrives after ordering. Have had to order thrice because we are still working on issues, but at least the house doesn't SMELL! Amazing product. THANK YOU!
Mary Lee Jun 19, 2016

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