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I was initially skeptical, but Nok-Out completely worked as advertised. I had a kitchen fire that left a very strong smoke odor throughout the kitchen despite a full week of constant cleaning throughout every inch of the space and airing out the space 24/7. Nothing worked. Yet, when I sprayed Nok-Out throughout the kitchen it completely got rid of the odor. It didn't even leave a new odor. Just got rid of it. I've purchased more for my car interior.
Lew Apr 21, 2016
My first time using Nok-Out was also with cat urine. Our elderly cat (which developed kidney disease) saturated a brand new easy chair cushion. I forced vinegar water, various cleaners and other "remedies" through the fibers, but the smell remained. Then I ordered Nok-Out and followed the directions. After saturating the area and beyond with Nok-Out, I set the cushion outside to dry thoroughly. When I did finally check it out, there was ABSOLUTELY NO FOUL SMELL! I was SO impressed I began finding other areas where I could use it. Nok-Out/Sniper is the best stuff I've ever used.

Now I have 6 cats at home and people never realize there are any cats here, unless they actually see them! Even property managers have visited and asked "how do you keep you house smelling so good?"

Thank you, Nok-Out! I will continue recommended your products again and again.
Joni Jan 12, 2016
I have 5 cats and 1 of them pees all over the house. My house looks like a maze as I have gates and screens all over the place to keep the cat off the furniture and carpets. But even with all that, the cat still manages to "break in" and pee. I was literally faced with throwing away more than 4 couches. I tried every product I could find to eliminate the odor and nothing really worked. My last, desperate purchase was Nok Out and it worked. I can't believe it but it's true. I just purchased 4 gallons because it is saving my life. I 100% recommend this product. It is everything it says it is.
Maria Cristiano Dec 10, 2015
I first purchased Nok-Out to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke in a used car I purchased. I am a life long non smoker and the smell disgusted me. My friend told me I would NEVER be able to rid the car of the smoke smell if the car got warm. I tried Febreese and other agents and then read about Nok-Out in a newspaper column called Evetyday Cheapskate by Mary Hunt so I bought it. It is great! It totally eliminated the smell of cigarette smoke from the car - even when it got hot.
My most recent purchase was to get rid of the smell of fuel oil that was accidentally spilled in our basement when our old oil tank was removed. It worked perfectly. After enduring 10 days of oil smell, the odor is completely gone. I did have to treat the basement twice but it is still remarkable how effective this product is. I am recommending it to the car dealer who sold me the used car and to all my friends and relatives. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.
Janet Jakupcak Nov 20, 2015
I do dog rescue and take care of LOTS of dogs. After spend time and money on different creams and shampoo for Ringworm and mange, I bought a bottle of Nok Out. All dogs were almost clear of both mange and Ringworm in less than a week. Hair was growing back in three days and I only sprayed the dog's fur once. Incredible product and best of it is that it is a not toxic so if dogs or cats lick themselves, it wont hurt them.
Barbara Whitfield Oct 29, 2015

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