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I first used "nok-out" last year. My sons had soccer shoes that smelled like cat urine. I tried all kinds of freshers and washing products, with no luck. Your product took the smell right out! Also, one of my sons had his lunch box sprayed with perfume as a "joke". I thought I would have to throw it out, as nothing would take away the smell. "nok-out" came through again.
This year for Christmas I am giving away bottles of your product to a few of our family members who have kids and pets. I know they will love it too!
Amy Bruck Oct 21, 2015
My daughter's apartment began to develop a mold problem after heavy rains this past May. The apartment owner didn't seem to think there was a problem, so he didn't address the situation. Through the summer heat, mold became a problem and the owner decided to send in someone to check on the problem. The repairman tried to fix the problem by spraying toxic chemicals into the duct work to kill the mold. The chemicals began spewing out onto my daughter's bed, clothes, furniture, etc. She began to experience serious respiratory problems. We had no choice but to immediately move her out of the apartment and put her furniture into storage. We brought all of her clothing to our home and have been working on restoring as much as possible.

Before remembering about Nok Out, we tried soaking many of her clothes in vinegar, dried them out in the sun, used special non-toxic laundry detergents, etc. A LOT seemed to be headed for the trash. I ordered a gallon of Nok-Out and began working on the rest of the clothing, shoes, luggage, etc.. It has taken a month, and most of the clothes are going to pass the test, I believe.

After she gets resettled into another apartment, we are going to have to deal with her toxic furniture. All of her bedding had to be thrown out, as it had been saturated with chemicals. I had tried 5 different times to get the chemicals out of the sheets. At this point, we are considering throwing out her mattresses, too, but want to try Nok Out on her sofa, chairs, etc.

My experience with Nok Out has been very positive. I ruined only one dress that apparently, was not supposed to be washed. Other items that do have "Dry Clean Only" labels, I have successfully sprayed inside and out with Nok Out and let them air dry. Most of them have "recovered."

I just wanted to give you our story, and say thank you for this product.

Neva Kufeldt
Sugar Land, TX
Neva Kufeldt Oct 6, 2015
Was raising Yorkie puppies in my home. Bought a new pup for a stud. He was shaky. He got worse. Took him to the vet. Was told to put him with other pups I had, and he would be happier, eat again, not have nervous stomach that caused his diarrhea. I did that. All the pups got sick! After nearly losing him, a different vet found they had giardhia. My daughter-in-law who is a biologist said my husband and I would get this disease as well, and the germs would always be in our house, in the heat ducts even, that I'd not be able to raise more pups. The vet advised not to have more pups, gave inocculations to my dogs, advised they always get those. I used Nok Out on everything. Gave the pups meds to get well. No further problems. I clean with Nok Out as a general cleaning and deodorizing product. My little Yorkies use a potty pad in the house. Nok Out is a great product. Both my vet and daughter-in-law wre amazed there was no more giarhdia in this household! They both wanted to know what I used. I gave a bottle my son and wife to prevent flies biting around the eyes. She is a horse woman and was amazed this worked! No more blinding face masks, no more blindly getting nicked by the hot wire! I could go on and on about the use of Nok Out over the years!
Rita Fleener Aug 13, 2015
I run a ferret shelter and use pet carriers to haul the ferrets around. We frequently have them in the carriers for a few days at a time, so when ferrets miss the litter box in the carrier, it can get pretty smelly pretty fast!

I use Nok-Out to clean all the corners and within a short time, the entire carrier smells fresh! Can't do that with antiseptic wipes! Plus, I can put a ferret back into the carrier right after cleaning since the cleaner is nontoxic! It's a big win for us! Thanks for helping me keep the ferret smell down! I currently have 36 ferrets in my house and Nok-Out helps me make sure my house doesn't smell like ferrets!
Melanee Ellis Jun 1, 2015
Found another great use for Nok Out. My husband is handicapped and uses his recliner a lot and has a calcic on the back of his head. I spray his hair, massage it in and comb. His hair looks fantastic! It also can be used to remove rust stains from concrete!!! I cleaned the area where an old car sat for 3 years then sprayed with Nok Out and as it dried the rust stains faded away and are hardly visible. I'll redo it and am sure it will take care of the job. It got rid of the rust in my concrete birdbath too!
Nancy Feb 17, 2015

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