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Thanks Ted and Lou! Your great product has saved me again! I have 2 basement apartments in my not pet friendly town and once again, I rented to the wrong person. This time I was sure that I was going to have to replace both living room and bedroom carpets

After pro cleaner cleaned and treated with his urine neutralizer (2 bottles instead of usual 1), it reeked so badly that I could hardly stand to be in there to treat with Nok Out.

After 2 heavy treatments, I was still certain that it was not going to work this time. One full gallon later and it is ready to rent!

Once again, you have save me so much money and kept me willing to give another animal lover a chance! Thank you, thank you thank you! Susan
slcolt@allophone.com Jan 27, 2015
I had a kantha quilt/bedspread bought directly from a seller in India, and it had an awful chemical smell. The seller said that it was probably due to the quilt's being wrapped in plastic for "some days" and advised washing it. Even after one washing the nauseating odor persisted. There was no way I could sleep with that thing on me. I sprayed it thoroughly with Nok-Out and let it sit for a while; then I washed it again, just in cold water. Nok-Out really did the trick. The odor is completely gone. I will also use it on upholstery that still smells of mildew even after professional cleaning.
Kendra Crossen Burroughs (N. Myrtle Beach, SC USA) Nov 19, 2014
I bought a trailer at the lake which was totally wood paneled, even the ceilings. The previous owner was a chain smoker and it reeked of cigarette smoke. I, luckily, found Nok Out and after spraying every inch of the wood, the smell was TOTALLY GONE! There were even droplets of rust colored liquid nicotine hanging from the ceiling which the Nok Out removed. I then purchased more for our four dogs and three cats who live in our house. Thank goodness for Nok Out, because we could not have our beloved animals with us, if it weren't for Nok Out.
Watona Oct 28, 2014
I've been using Nok Out a long time but recently found a new use and was amazed at how great it worked. I've been having a problem with my fountain. It gets slimy with black gunk in the vents of the pump. That makes the fountain start to throw water out the front and the flow gets out of sorts. So decided to try some Nok Out. Using about a half tablespoon and problem solved!!! No more funny flow and I haven't had to clean out the pump in over a month! Love your product! Plus I've been using the Nok Out like you recommended on the pet water bowls and now there is no black or green muck to constantly clean out.
Nancy S. Gerew Oct 18, 2014
I just got your product 2 days ago. I was able to use it on out carpet today. I am very pleased with how much better our house smells. Due to our dog developing canine diabetes, she had multiple accidents throughout the house. Many of which had set in due to our not being able to find the accidents right away. I used all kinds of pet odor removers and cleaners (store brand) but none worked.
I addition, when I called to order Nok Out, Ted took the time to help me make sure that I understood how to use the product correctly and effectively. This personalized help he made helped a great deal in using it correctly.
I highly recommend this product. I will definitely reorder, when times comes.
Bob Aug 22, 2014

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